Friday, May 27, 2016

27/05/2016 Around our garden.

Maximum temperature 23C, minimum 13C, 19 km/h SE winds.  3 mm rain measured.
Euro Fighter overhead today!

Lawn cut.




Lizard in the fir tree!






As above.


Small Copper.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

26/05/2006 Few photos taken today!

Maximum temperature 22C minimum 11C.  Variable 13 km/h winds.  Light rain not measured as yet.
A visit to the optical centre to replace Nigel's cycle glasses which have cracked.

Mrs Blackbird in the Medlar Tree.

The flight of the bumble bee.  Lots of pollen!

Common Lizard male.

Longhorn beetle.

Love in a mist.

Masses of broad beans in the garden - de-podding takes time, but another 1200g frozen today.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

25/05/2016 A great sunset, and lots of flowers with a little help from our friends

Maximum temperature 23C, minimum 6C.   34 km/h SE winds. The forecast had it wrong again - we only had about 3 drops of rain this evening.  Luckily I watered the vegetables.
A dramatic sunset.


Buttercup and bug.

Daisies plus fly.


Californian poppy.

White Love in a mist.



A collection of roses.

Sweet William.

Weigela (I think).

Common lizard.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

24/05/2016 Out for another walk.

Maximum temperature 21C, minimum 6C.   43 km/h  NE winds. Dry.
Unknown shrub but very pretty.

As above but spot the little green spider.

Le Rivaillon

Arums growing on the edge of the river.

Cow Parsley.

Stinging nettles!!

Curious cattle.

This does not look steep but it sure made me puff!

No GPS used with this planting, it has a bit of a wiggle. Think it is maize.

Living in the middle of the farm!

Curious sheep.


Dear little house with unusual colour shutters.


Monday, May 23, 2016

23/05/2016 A trip to Confolens.

Maximum temperature 15C minimum 4C.  42 km/h  NW winds.  10mm rain measured this morning.
The countryside is soooooo green,

An auger, looks like they are putting in new telegraph poles. 
Apologies for the reflection on the car windscreen!

Rail bridge

The newer vehicle bridge over La Vienne river in Confolens....

See above.

The old car bridge - a 13th century granite bridge with ten arches though it was modified in the 18th century.

The town of Confolens is on both sides of La Vienne river.

Looking down the river on the other side there is a weir.

Many 15th and 16th century old houses in Confolens...

as above...

As above...

and over the rooftops.

Nearly home, wonder what those power cranes are working on?

I have written a full post on Confolens here if you are interested.