Monday, November 12, 2018

11/11/2018 We shall not forget them

Maximum temperature today 15C, minimum 10C.  2mm of rain measured this morning and still raining; 15km/h south-easterly winds gusting up to 38 km/h. 

The wreath is laid at our local village war memorial.

A minute's silence, before all the names on the memorial are read out.

In the village hall, one of our local residents has his display of WW1 memorabilia.

as above...

As above...

As above.  The articles on the wall give a brief but excellent year by year summary of the Great War and I have put them on a separate page HERE for those of you who speak French and might like to read further.

The service was followed by a repas (meal) that was cooked by the local ladies...

Here is the Maire (mayor), who, apart from his official duties, takes part in all village social affairs, serving up a tray of duck legs which were part of the main course.

I am not very good at selfies, but here I am with a flame lily (for all the Rhodesians) a poppy (for Remembrance) and the cornflower (for the French).

The local church looking pretty good for its age. The first stone was laid in the year 1080.

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

08/11/2018 Autumn, starlings and sunset.

Maximum temperature today 15C, minimum 6C.  Dry, but 11mm of rain measured this morning; 15km/h South-Easterly winds with up to 30 km/h gusts. 

We had a club repas (luncheon) today and I ate too much, thankfully I did not really like the Bordeaux wine, so I was mostly drinking water which I am sure was much better for me.  On returning home at almost 5pm, I decided that I needed to walk some of the over-indulgence off so this is what I saw along the way.
Well, I presume they must be starlings (Sturnus vulgaris).  They were quite far and I only had Nigel's little Nikon with me but it has a reasonable zoom ...

A small murmuration...

Thirteen little starlings sitting in a row, one took to the air and then there were twelve.

The sun was quite low but it caught the colour of these trees on the hill perfectly.

Further along in the valley the sun only caught the top of the trees.

I just liked the tops of what I think are poplar trees, but they were sparkling in the sun which sadly the photo does not reflect.

Further along across a newly planted field, I stopped to watch the sun go down...

as above changing colour by the minute...

as above

getting darker in this direction...

 but walking back home and zooming on to the clouds.

and back nearer to the house.

I walked just on 5km and I still feel like I have eaten too much ūüėĒ!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

06/11/2018 Autumn colours and out to lunch - celebrating two birthdays.

Maximum temperature today 14C, minimum 8C.  Rain on and off all day and raining now. 5mm of rain measured this morning; 25km/h South-Easterly winds with up to 49 km/h gusts. 
The sunset a couple of nights back which I had not downloaded.

Driving to the restaurant today trying to get autumn colours avoiding reflection on the windscreen and raindrops!... 

As above.

Driving back home our neighbours walnut tree.

Arriving at St Sornin.  Remember I showed you the pictures of over 800 houses with roofs destroyed during a storm in July, still many are covered with plastic sheeting.....

Some are being worked on...

The restaurant has scaffolding but we were told they still have no date for when work might be done.

The place was packed so luckily we had booked for 4, the two men were celebrating. Jim on the left had his birthday yesterday and Nigel has his on Saturday.
Excellent value €14 each for a 4-course meal including wine and coffee.

The Euonymus back home is showing its autumn colours.

The Acer has silver seeds.

The Stinking Iris (Iridaceae foetidissima) has bright red seeds.

Surprisingly there are still buds on the climbing rose.

The lavender that I grew from seed is still flowering while the old plants were over weeks ago.

Good to see there are still some bees around and a few cosmos for them to collect pollen from....

As above

Last but not least a visitor to the window sill.
Eurasian blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus).
I love the feather definition and the single raindrop on its tail.

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

04/11/2018 An odd collection of photos.....

Maximum temperature today 16C, minimum 6C.  Dry; 19km/h South-Easterly winds with up to 38 km/h gusts. 

We have had a few cold and damp days so the fire has been working overtime.

Indoors the Christmas cactus has got the months a bit muddled, but it is good as we will be away for Christmas anyway.

We are both Porsche fans as you can see.  I made this garage many years back in South Africa as a present for Nigel.

House Sparrows (Passer domesticus) and Eurasian collared doves (Streptopelia decaocto)

Common crane (Grus grus), also known as the Eurasian crane.  They were milling around in the sky yesterday getting into bigger groups ready to fly South for winter.

Look what the bit of sun brought out...

Bee as above...

and a bumblebee.

The holly is starting to look very pretty.

Petunias after a shower of rain a couple of days back.

Still some roses around.

And for those of you that could not see what I could in the clouds....

Does this help ūüé†ūüėČ

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