Tuesday, April 25, 2017

25/04/2017 More of the same!

Maximum temperature 16C, minimum 3C.  23 kmh NE wind, 34 km/h gusts.  Overcast and light rain.

Crane fly

Dog rose.

The longhorn beetle is still around despite the cooling weather....

As above.

Peonies will be open very soon.  Note the small bug on the left!

Bluebells are starting to go over but will be around for a few more days.

For the record - New veggie garden at the back and moving some of the turf to a spot closer that Nigel has dug out as it was full of weed.

The new small garden will be next to the green house, not fenced, so we can plant nothing here that the rabbits might fancy!

Monday, April 24, 2017

24/04/2017 Went shopping and forgot the camera! More bugs in the garden.

Maximum temperature 21C, minimum 1C.  7 kmh N wind.  More work done in the garden but also Nigel fitted in a cycle ride. Dry.
Small copper.

As above.

I think this is a robber fly.


Chafer Beetle - ceprea family...

eating all our flowers!!

There were two longhorn beetles there today.

Dog rose.

Peony bud and ant.



Would love to be up there flying back to Africa.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

23/04/2017 Around the garden again.

Maximum temperature 18C, minimum 5C. 29 kmh NE wind, 34 km gusts.  Lots more work done in the garden. Dry.
I missed the first splish splash..

but then he headed back again...

having a shake...

A much cleaner Blackbird :-)

Common Lizard.

The Longhorn beetle is still around.

Californian poppies.

Bearded Iris.



Saturday, April 22, 2017

22/04/2017 Very tired today one photo and will catch up tomorrow.

Maximum temperature 21C, minimum 2C. 17 kmh NE wind.  Lots of work done in the garden. Dry.

Friday, April 21, 2017

21/04/2017 Just a few photos from the garden.

Maximum temperature 18C, minimum -2C. 17 kmh NE wind with 23 kmh gusts.  Much improved weather and by this afternoon it was really quite pleasant.  Dry.
Bee on the choisya ternata.

Californian poppy.

Greenfly on the red robin.

Bearded iris.

Spring is in the air - crane flies I think.

Longhorn beetle on the red robin...

as above

Quince blossom.

I think this is a robber fly also on the red robin.

as above.

The broad beans are looking good.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

20/04/2017 Very windy and chilly out. Photos very difficult as everything is blowing all over the place.

Maximum temperature 14C, minimum -3C. 24 kmh NE wind with 39 kmh gusts.  Horrible outside again despite the blue sky. Dry.

Snowball bush - Viburnum.


Choisya ternata.

Bearded irises trying hard to stay upright!

Cherries hopefully are surviving the cold.


Easter bunnies.