Thursday, February 11, 2016

11/02/2016 Grey and overcast, Nigel took most of the photos for me when he went to Chasseneuil.

Maximum temperature 9C minimum 2C.   28 km/h SE winds. 3mm rain measured.
One of 3 lavoirs in Chasseneuil. More info on what is a lavoir here.

The back of the lavoir with a wood carving to its left.

La Bonnieure, usually a quiet little river....

but now very full after all the rain.

You could almost put a boat in the ditches at the moment!

The carving is one of many around the town worked by Canadian artists. More info here.

The wall of the local florist.

Much activity outside the new Lidl and all parking banned at present....

As above...

Landscaping in front of the shop. It will look great when the trees grow,

Neighbour's tractor down the road where we live. Our house has the green shutters on the left.

Dehydrating, 2 large pumpkins and 3 bags of frozen cherries.  So much easier to store.

Roasted pumpkin pips, yum yum.

Caramel cake before icing.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

10/02/2016 A damp chilly day, not good for photos.

Maximum temperature 8C, minimum 1C.  49 km/h W wind.  10mm rain measured.
Taken early morning from the car while the skies were blue...

Thought I might get in a short walk when I got home, but looking past the sheep the rain was catching up with me so I had a swift return home.  One photo taken!

Snowdrops in the garden.

Tulips bought as a thank you to a friend,

Wonderful surprise today when a calender arrived from Farm-ily in Australia....

This is the January photo.  Thanks so much CountryMum, much appreciated.  Love your blog.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

09/02/2016 A horrible day with strong winds and almost continuous rain. French scrabble this afternoon.

Maximum temperature 12c, minimum 4C.  84 km/h SW wind gusts.  15 mm rain measured this morning. 
The normally trickling stream is flowing well!

Vitrac's 12 century church.

People were playing various games today - Rummikub above...


and scrabble.
The bulk of the people play the French card game Belote, but the light on that side of the room was not good for photos.

Onion, bacon and chilli quiche for dinner tonight.
Shrove Tuesday - crepe Suzettes for desert.

Monday, February 8, 2016

08/02/2016 A very wet and windy day! Nigel had to go to Chasseneuil for an appointment.

Maximum temperature 13C, minimum 8C.  77 km/h SW wind gusts.  9 mm rain measured this morning.  Even more rain and wind forecast for tomorrow!
Monday morning, many places are closed in France on Mondays.  A view down the wet main street in Chasseneuil.

Lidl getting closer to opening.

Cows taking shelter under the trees.

Blue tit on the window sill.

Tembe screen shot this morning with elephant, impala and what looks like waterbuck.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

07/02/2016 Dehydrating and out for a walk.

Maximum temperature 11C, minimum 4C.  67 km/h S wind gusts.  11 mm rain overnight.  Showers around this afternoon but they missed us :-)
I bought a sack of beautiful leeks cheap from the supermarket...

So dehydrated them.  Now ready for when ever I want to use them.

Sheep on the skyline.

Farm equipment.

Our neighbour on the road.

More logging.....

but still plenty of woodland areas.

Looking across the fields.

Another full dam....

and the overflow.

Gaelyn you will see here that ivy is a bigger problem than the mistletoe!

A private drive, wonder who lives down there!

The track was very wet luckily the centre was high and reasonably dry.

Dipsacus fullonum or Teazle as it is better known.

A field of lupins. high in protein, dietary fibre and antioxidants, very low in starch, and like all legumes are gluten-free.

Winter wheat

Saturday, February 6, 2016

06/02/2016 The big freezer packed up last night, repair man not sure what is wrong and will only return on Tuesday!. Panic to find homes for all the food.

Maximum temperature 15C, minimum 4C.  73 km/h S wind gusts, very hard to stand up! Dry, but rain expected tonight that continues for the whole week!!!
Continuing yesterday's walk - Horses and a cormorant on the pole in the dam. Note the mistletoe in the trees.

A grey heron, next time I walk this way I will take the Nikon with the big lens!

The château across the dam.

Walking behind the dam wall.

Some one has been working, but now taking time out for lunch I guess.

The château.

The château's owner was an international 3 day horse eventer,  One of her practise fences.


Old man's beard, Traveller's Joy, Clematis vitalba or in French  ‘herbe aux gueux

More logging.

Manure heap ready for spreading on the land.
Our friends Kerry and Roger nearly bought here, but sadly they have bought just over an hour North.

Abandoned Farm equipment.

Pregnant ewes.  There must be at least 50 in this field, our neighbour is in for a busy time!