Thursday, February 2, 2017

02/02/2017 Having a great time.

 Johannesburg in the distance.

South African sunset.

Meeting up with 'old' friends.

Typical overloading - tyres.

Road works ahead.

Maize as far as the eye can see down both sides of the road.

Off to Botswana game viewing tomorrow so possibly no connection for some time.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

24/01/2017 A few random photos at home.

Maximum temperature 7C, minimum -5C. 32km/h NE  wind. Dry but with a frost.
Brave Blue Tit, I had just broken the ice...

cold feet...

Mmmm not that bad...

you put your right wing up.....

this was followed by the stare I am getting used to at/in the window.

Great Tit.

Tonight's sunset.

Using up bits and pieces before we go away, interesting combination of butternut, parsnip and onion frittata.  It was surprisingly tasty. 

This may be my last post for a while.  We are off on holiday to South Africa with no computer and minimal WIFI. Looking forward to some sun!  Stay well everyone and I  hope to be back in March.

Monday, January 23, 2017

23/01/2017 Out for a quick bit of shopping and a couple of bird shots.

Maximum temperature 8C, minimum -4C. 37km/h NE  wind. Dry but with a light frost.
The Mayor's office in Saint Adjutory...

They have put in brand new roads and pavements...

Looking the other way.

On the way to the shops a narrow two way road!

Brico - our hardware store...

anyone for a new watering can?...

or some plants.

Blue Tit at the window....

and the robin on the rosemary...

as above.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

22/01/2017 The birds to my rescue again!

Maximum temperature 10C, minimum -2C. 18km/h NE  wind. Dry but with a light frost.

Turning his back on me!

Wow someone has got rid of the ice... 

Splish splash...


that's done...

I feel so much better now - Blue Tit.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

21/01/2017 Around the garden.

Maximum temperature 11C, minimum -2C. 21km/h SE  wind. Dry but with a light frost.
Bergenia Cordifolia.

A rare visitor to the garden- Wren.

Nigel at work....

collecting leaves for compost.

Broad beans.


Garlic chives.


Red Robin buds.

Vibernum tinus.

Ice still lying in the shade!

Friday, January 20, 2017

20/01/2017 Trying to catch up with my other blog today!

Maximum temperature 9C, minimum -5C. 19km/h SE  wind. Dry but very heavy frost.
We went out twice today, but I forgot the camera both times, very unusual for me!!!
I have been trying to catch up with My Life in the Charente blog in between, this is just a few of the photos on the blog.  Time seems to be running short!
Piracy point at Bryce Canyon.

Sunset over the amphitheatre at Bryce Canyon.

Zion Canyon.

Myself and Nigel at Zion.  I am really not that short but Nigel is very tall!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

19/01/2017 A trip to the physio for my back again.

Maximum temperature 5C, minimum -6C. 36km/h NE very chilly wind. Dry but very heavy frost.
Sorry we had visitors yesterday and we only go to bed after mid-night!
The Physio's office.

A view down the road.

Note that pretty much all the green here is ivy....

even heavy frosts do not kill it,

The usual road hazard.

House for sale.

Just down the road from us - damaged road!