Thursday, January 30, 2014

30/01/2014 Still clearing up and a trip to La Rochefoucauld.

Maximum temperature 8C, another 7mm of rain measured this morning.


  1. Hi Diane,
    Such beautiful pictures of La Rochefoucauld!
    The castle is very impressive.
    Good luck with the garden, I feel too lazy with that kind of chore!!
    Keep well, enjoy your evening!

    1. Thanks Noushka. It never ceases to amaze me that the Rochefoucauld family still live there after all the years it has existed. They live in part of it while the rest is open to the public to help pay for maintenance.

      I will be glad when the new hedge is in and I hope that it grows very quickly :-) So used to privacy. Keep well Diane

  2. What lovely pictures that bring back our Christmas walk around La Rochefoucauld with my three year old grandson - when we parked at the Chateau he just looked and said ' look Nana a Castle' - hence we had to go up to have a closer look - his first Chateau!! My daughter said - Oh dear are you going to take him round nearly every Chateau in France as you did with me !!! I got the feeling her and my son were not always interested !!!!!! Thank you for the great pictures.

    1. Thanks Ann for the kind comment. I have had people here who are bored with Châteaux viewing who have actually commented this is one of the best they have seen :-) Have a good weekend, Diane


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