Thursday, March 13, 2014

13/03/14 Nigel digging the garden. I waited hours to see the Dr as my back is not behaving too well!! Photos at a minimum!

Maximum temperature 19C.


  1. Beautiful photos again - hope you recover soon x - although right now I think I know how you feel ! - cannnot wait to come back to the Charente at the beginning of April hope the weather holds out lots of work to do !!!

    1. I know how much work there always is to do when the house has been closed up over winter. I hope the weather holds for you, and for us as well. We are going down to the Lot again for 3 days before Easter. We want to look around a bit more, last time we only did the river. Keep well, not long now before you return :-) Diane

  2. Lovely pics Diane!
    At last we are having sunny days!
    your garden must be gorgeous now with all the efforts you've put into it!
    Great Dunnock and Blackbird photos too in your previous posts!
    Enjoy your WE!

    1. Thanks Noushka. The garden has a long way to go as it was like a swamp for so long. Things that should have already been planted are still waiting. You have a great weekend as well. Diane


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