Thursday, July 31, 2014

31/07/2014 A walk at Le Châtelars. Four photos from the scavenger hunt list.

Maximum temperature 31C, Dry.

Four photos from the scavenger hunt. See details in the right hand column.
No 16. A  sign in a language other than English.

No 17. A lamp post.

No 11. A hunting horn.

No 12. A sphinx car mascot.

I'm linking up with Rinda today for her monthly scavenger hunt check in. You can see what other folks around the planet are capturing for their scavenger hunt photos by clicking here.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Kerry. They have built a remembrance walk in the area with arrows and signs to remember the people who were in the resistance. I will do a blog on it soon, but have a busy week ahead of us with Nigel on the course and friends coming to stay! Hope that all is well, we will be in touch very soon. Diane xx

  2. Lovely to get to 'visit' with you and see your really wonderful photos!
    Rinda is making fun again this summer all over the globe.
    oxo from Virginia USA

    1. Thanks Patty for the kind comment. The scavenger hunt is fun, just going to pop over and see your photos. Diane

  3. Great rural landscape photos! :-)

    1. Carmen, thanks so much for the visit and the comment. Much appreciated.


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