Friday, January 16, 2015

16/01/2015 Having said there maybe no post to day, here are some photos taken on the road to Soyaux.

Officially maximum 7C, minimum 4C (but the car reading was 2C when we left home this morning!!)  21 mm of rain measured.


  1. I agree some of these very narrow roads passing through villages are very treacherous! They were never built for anything bigger or faster than a small cart...I remember when I had holidays in my family's house in Germanas ( Hamlet near Ecuras ), we always had to sound the horn when approaching the "center " of the village, as there was no visibility whatsoever & no room to even pass another car. Everyone else did the same thing so we always knew when someone was arriving or even just passing through!
    Looks cold & grey, here we are roasting, off to the beach this afternoon to cool off, take care...

    1. Thanks Isabella for reminding me that there is sun and a beach around! Meanwhile I have several layers of clothes on keeping warm. OK in the house, well parts of it where the heat from the fire reaches.

      The narrow roads really are a hazard, the one on this particular picture is not easy as reversing back to a passing spot is not so simple either. It is a road though that we use a lot when going shopping!!

      Enjoy your sun take care Diane


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