Tuesday, February 9, 2016

09/02/2016 A horrible day with strong winds and almost continuous rain. French scrabble this afternoon.

Maximum temperature 12c, minimum 4C.  84 km/h SW wind gusts.  15 mm rain measured this morning. 
The normally trickling stream is flowing well!

Vitrac's 12 century church.

People were playing various games today - Rummikub above...


and scrabble.
The bulk of the people play the French card game Belote, but the light on that side of the room was not good for photos.

Onion, bacon and chilli quiche for dinner tonight.
Shrove Tuesday - crepe Suzettes for desert.


  1. Hello Rhodesia. Your place looks beautiful and I like the photo of the trickling stream. The only game I am familiar with is Scrabble. The piece of quiche looks delicious!

    1. Nancy you may be familiar wit scrabble but playing it in French is a whole new game when your French is as bad as mine!!! Take care Diane

  2. Wonderful photos! Scrabble is my favorite game but not in French, as it is non-existent. I only wish. The quiche looks delicious!

    1. Denise my French is hopeless but it is amazing what I can find by just moving letters around and finding something that may look French. Look it up, and so often you found that it is right or just a change of a letter is needed. The quiche was good :-) Hope all is well Diane

  3. I'm always caught off guard seeing the modern cars parked by those ancient buildings. Dinner sounds good, desert even better.

    1. I agree Gaelyn the cars do not look right, there should be a chariot and horses outside or similar :-) I agree crepe suzettes are very yummy. Have a good day Diane


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