Wednesday, November 21, 2012

21/11/12 Rainbow, bathroom and sunset

Temperature 12C and showers.

Frustrating day!!


  1. Amazing that you saw a rainbow today .. we have had nothing but rain and I think more to come!!!

    Love the sunset photo too,:-)xox

    1. The rainbow was lovely to see and I was lucky to catch it on camera. I was going North when I saw it. Meanwhile Nigel was going South with the builder struggling to find tiles and the pieces for the bathroom and he saw one that way as well. As for the sunset, I nearly missed it as I only got home in time to switch on Skype to speak to my FIL, I could see it out the window while I was fiddling with the computer and did not think I would get out in time. Lucky for me it hung around longer than usual!! Keep well and have a good weekend Diane xx


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