Monday, November 26, 2012

26/11/12 One of those days again! No news.

Temperature Maximum 13C, drizzle this morning 5mm of rain last night.


  1. Hello Diane, it has been one of those days here too, But I did go out with my friend Sarah, to Oxford, not the main city, just in Botley road, went to Dunelm, for coffee and brunch , good look around the shop, they have some fabulous things but I resisted in buying much and then Hobbycraft, so managed to get out, it was quiet there , so we had a good time .. :-) .. take care xoxo Anne

    1. I wonder why it was so quiet Anne, I would have thought that Oxford would be busy now with Christmas just around the corner but maybe they are all in the centre. Wish I could have joined you I would have liked to have seen Hobbycraft. Hope you have a good week. You take care also Diane oxo


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