Wednesday, November 28, 2012

28/11/12 The garden, medlar jelly and new bathroom windows

Maximum temperature 8C with a slight drizzle in the early morning.


  1. Wow Diane, absolutely love your new windows .. fab design for the metal work :-) take care Anne xo

  2. Anne the metalwork is old the windows are new. The original windows were not double glaze and the wood was going rotten. We still have the lounge, dining-room/kitchen and spare room to do. All single glaze at the moment and the wind whistles through the gaps!! They still have to be made though as not standard size so it may be a while before they are done. Keep well Diane oxo

  3. Love the flowers and the windows, Diane!
    Have a lovely midweek

  4. Saskia, thanks so much for your visit and for the kind comment. Have a wonderful day Diane

  5. Hi Diane, I like the words, the quote you shared on my post!! Have a merry happy lovely day xx

  6. Saskia, thanks, I have just put the word on my blog as well, they are words that mean a lot to me so I thought I would have them close at hand! Stay well Diane


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