Tuesday, March 20, 2018

20/03/2018 Same route, same shops, and same view of a slightly different sunset !

Maximum temperature today 6C, minimum 0C.   Dry; 20 km/h North Easterly winds with up to 57 km/h gusts.  Bitterly cold winds, despite blue skies, we both felt colder today than the rest of winter!!
Last night, I missed the setting sun but liked the sky anyway!

All the below were taken as drive-by shots so some are a bit blurred!
Today just leaving home...

Lopsided trees presumably because of the overhead wires

 Winter wheat on both sides of the road...

The farm house in the distance...

another farm, ploughed fields, wonder what they will plant....

More winter wheat.

The small village of Taponnat-Fleurignac,....

as above

Possibly a cherry tree (some what blurred), though ours are not in flower yet, forsythia - the yellow shrub in front.

Same old supermarket slightly different view....

Heading back home past the hardware section of  Leclerc, service station in the front.

Railway crossing entering Taponnat....

The new boulangerie - shut; it was lunch time !

More forsythia seen on the the way home.

Tonight's sunset.  Guess by now you have noticed all my sunsets are pretty much taken from the same spot outside in the road!!

I have a new blog entirely committed to our feathered friends.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

18/03/2018 Garden and birds not very cooperative today so a few memories.

Maximum temperature today 11C, minimum 3C.   1 mm of rain measured this morning; 9 km/h North Easterly winds with up to 24 km/h gusts.  
358 mm of rain so far this year!  

Just for the record, not a good photo but there was a Siskin (Spinus spinus) in the garden again today.

As above.

A common chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs) female.

Gong back a few years 😉
1957 the Rhodesian team ready to go to the Rand Show in Johannesburg.
Rosemary ? on Santa Maria, Clive Freeman on ?, Myself on Judy and Ray Adams on Santa Fe.

My first pony in Rhodesia.  This was early days, he had a clipped mane when we bought him, you can see it just starting to grow out here  - Dusky. 1957

As above.  He was a star, and when I turned adult I took him into the first year with me although he was a bit small.  He retired at the end of that year having won Horse of the Year. 

One of my favourites and the only mare I ever used for show jumping.  Hi-Li-Li.  She was also quite small, though she won quite a lot show jumping and steeple chasing, she also gave me two beautiful foals after retiring. 1958.

My first 'horse' Kismet when I moved into adult events, he was 17hh and felt like a giant after Dusky.

Kismet on a show jumping course. 1958

Kismet and Dusky with their winnings. abt 1959

I have a new blog entirely committed to our feathered friends.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

17/03/2018 Not much in the garden today!

Maximum temperature today 11C, minimum 2C.   5 mm of rain measured this morning; 7 km/h North Westerly winds with up to 28 km/h gusts.  
357 mm of rain so far this year!  

Not an insect in sight today, not even a fly! This male blackbird seemed to be doing well in the wet soil finding worms though. (Turdus merula.)

The camellia are struggling in this weather and are going brown very quickly.

Someone lost a feather!

Japanese Quince (Chaenomeles japonica)

As above.

Red robin.

Unknown!  Maybe if it opens up more I can work out what it is.



Wild violets.

Friday, March 16, 2018

16/03/2018 Catching up with the last two days.

Maximum temperature today 13C, minimum 4C.   15 mm of rain measured this morning and it has been raining heavily on and off again all day; 6 km/h South Westerly winds with up to 16 km/h gusts.  
352 mm of rain so far this year!  The cold is returning again next week!!

Out to buy paint yesterday, the flooded house has left marks so we might as well redecorate!

First blossom of 2018 seen by the roadside, I have no idea what it is.

At Brico 16 where we buy our English paint, I also saw this blossom.  (French paint does not cover as well, or last as long!)

The long and winding road.  Winter wheat planted at the sides I think...

Driving past the Mairie (Mayor's office) in St. Angeau...

and the church of Saint-Michel.

Today's photos of an Eurasian blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) in the rain...

as above.

Great tit (Parus major) female checking out the stone owl...

as above.

The large and the small. Common wood pigeon (Columba palumbus) and male chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs).  The yellow back ground is calendula taking over in the uncut lawn!

and joined by male and female house sparrows (Passer domesticus).

Despite the rain we still got a sort of sunset. Thanks to the reflection on the wet road it gave it an interesting look.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

15/03/2018 Looking back at Tuesday! Scrabble at Vitrac.

Maximum temperature today 14C, minimum 7C.   6 mm of rain measured this morning and it has been raining heavily again all day; 11 km/h South Westerly winds with up to 32 km/h gusts.  
337 mm of rain so far this year!  The cold is returning again next week!!

Sorry I am behind again.  Firstly the WiFi went down.  Then when we got it back, my computer updated, and then decided that it had lost all my personal settings!! Frustrating!!
The church Saint-Maixent (eleventh and 12th centuries). The first stone was laid in the year 1080 under the tutelage of the powerful lord of Chabanais. The church of Vitrac in the 12th century was as important as his sister in Chasseneuil-sur-Bonnieure.

Rivaillon, not as flooded as it was but normally this is a very small stream.

The bridge on the main road into town.

Looks like some one is having repairs done in the town with scaffolding up.

Heading into the Salle Communale to play scrabble....

The new kiosk at the back of the hall which will be nice when we have luncheons on sunny days with the doors open.

The people at the back are playing belote, a card game that is very popular here - too complicated for us!

We will stick to our French scrabble which is not easy, but I did actually win a game this week with a little help on a couple of words :-)