Monday, September 21, 2020

A few more insects.....

 Maximum temperature here today 22⁰C, minimum 16⁰C.  Raining as I type.   5km/h South Easterly winds with gusts up to 18 km/h.  

Still far behind but I am slowly catching up!

I was a bit late to catch the best of this sunset a couple of nights ago!

Wall Brown (Lasiommata megera) female.  

As above.

Great potter wasp (Delta unguiculata).

Common potter wasp (Eumenes coarctatus).

Yellow Autumn Crocus or Autumn Daffodil (Sternbergia lutea).

Green stink bug nymph, (Chinavia halaris)...

As above.

Small Copper (Lycaena phlaeas)...

As above...

A better specimen of the Small Copper taken the following day.

Bee on the Sedum...

As above.

Common Wall Lizard (Podarcis muralis).  I thought it might be smelling the flowers, but I think it is far more likely that it is waiting for an unsuspecting meal.

Common blue butterfly (Polyommatus icarus)...

Oops, I left a light on and the following was the result....
Yellow Shell moth (Camptogramma bilineata).

Mother of Pearl moth, (Patania ruralis).

Small Dusty Wave moth (Idaea seriata).

This moth I am not sure of!!

One of the Plume moths.

My local list of wildflowers. (90 Species 23/08/2020).

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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Trying to catch up a bit......

 Maximum temperature here today 31⁰C, minimum 13⁰C.  Dry.   12km/h South-Easterly winds with gusts up to 24 km/h. 

Apologies for lack of blogs and lack of visits, but with the dehydrator not working, I had to keep up with bottling, and then when the dehydrator returned in working order, there was still a lot of figs (and they have not stopped yet) to be prepared for dehydrating.   I am sorry that I did not weigh all the fruit but I didn't.  We have though 5 large bags of quartered figs dry and a couple of bags of sliced figs also dry.  Now the apples are ready!   I have already bottled some stewed, and some apple sauce from the fallers.  But will pick out a few good ones for dehydrating, we have two Granny Smith apple trees.  In between we rescued a few quinces from the top of the tree, thankfully there was not a lot this year.  The quinces made up 4 large bottles of fruit and 8 jars of jelly.  Oh, and of course an overload of haricot beans meant bottling curried beans which we prefer to frozen.

Proof that I have not been loafing!!

I have though each day managed to get out and take at least get one photo - I needed to keep Blip going.  If you have never tried it, meet the great community of Blip  Here.  If you should join please let me know so I can follow.  I Blip under the name of 'Charente'.

Unusual sunset.  I was a bit late and missed the best of it.

Speckled wood (Pararge aegeria).

Californian poppy (Eschscholzia californica).

Bee on the Sedum.

Bee drinking.

Asian hornet (Vespa velutina), also known as the yellow-legged hornet.
Believed to have arrived in France in boxes of pottery from China in 2004. They have since spread all over France and are bee-killers!!!

Robber fly but not sure which one.  Family: Asilidae.

Hummingbird hawk-moth (Macroglossum stellatarum).

As above

Common blue butterfly (Polyommatus icarus).

As above - Male.

A feather plant ūüėÄ



Common Spitting Spider (Scytodes thoracica).
So-called because it spits a venomous sticky silken substance over its prey.  It has six eyes instead of the eight spiders usually have.

Ladybird (Coccinellidae).

As above.

Pearl-bordered fritillary (Boloria euphrosyne).
As above.

Californian poppy with bee.

Wall Lizard  (Podarcis Muralis).

The dehydrator using every other shelf as the fig quarters are too big!

My local list of wildflowers. (90 Species 23/08/2020).

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Thursday, August 27, 2020

27/08/2020 Out and about, insects and skies.

 Maximum temperature here today 27⁰C, minimum 13⁰C.  Dry, but rain forecast.   17km/h North-Westerly winds with gusts up to 39 km/h. 

Sorry that I am not keeping up with blogs or comments, but we have had continuous slow WiFi, at times being only 0.1 (sigh).  The garden is also being very demanding, especially with two fig trees loaded with fruit and the dehydrator being on the blink.  I am spending many hours in the kitchen bottling.


Interesting clouds, do you see the teddy bear face?

Genus Calliptamusa member of Short-horned Grasshoppers Family Acrididae...

as above.

House sparrow (Passer domesticus) - I just liked this shot!

Comma butterfly (Polygonia c-album)...

As above...

See the white comma and why it is named as such.

Orchids in the house. Cymbidium.

Lesser Purple Emperor (Apatura ilia).   Think this is the female, the male (of course) is the pretty purple one!!  She is still pretty good looking though!

As above...

As above.

The setting sun after a stormy day. 16/08/2020

Florentine Woolcarder (Anthidium florentinum)...

As above.


As above.

Peacock butterfly (Aglais io)...

As above.

Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta).

Common social wasp (V. vulgaris).

Yellowlegged hornet, (Vespa velutina) - another bee killer that appears to be rapidly spreading in France!! First identified here in 2004 ūüė°

The first rose for some time appeared especially for my birthday 19/08 ....

We met up with friends and had a 'distancing' picnic at a friends house with a very large garden, and a very pretty farm wagon.  Despite the fact that we had not seen each other since February, and we had all been in lock-down, there seemed to be a lot to talk about.  Thirty-nine years anniversary tomorrow!

My local list of wildflowers. (90 Species 23/08/2020).

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