Friday, May 18, 2018

18/05/2018 A walk around the garden on our return.

Maximum temperature today 22C, minimum 10C.    Dry. 12 km/h North Easterly winds with up to 29 km/h gusts. 



Baby fig.





Cherries ripening.




Common Lizard.

As above.


Peony and ant.

Rose, I had just watered it! .....

As above.

Unknown, but I kept my distance!

Just liked these clouds.

Down the road, in a stream, this Iris is blooming happily...

Iris pseudacorus 'Yellow Flag Iris'
Fleur-de-lys, Flag Iris

We are back from the rushed trip, as always masses of photos, but the garden needs my attention so will be back blogging when I have a bit more time. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

A few photos from the wildlife in the garden.

Maximum temperature today 14C, minimum 7C.    Drizzle on and off so far today; 21 mm of rain since I last posted. 17 km/h North Easterly winds with up to 37 km/h gusts. 
Total rain now since 1 January 502 mm !!

Male common blackbird (Turdus merula) and male house sparrow (Passer domesticus).

are you watching me?

Oh well, I need to wash anyway...

both sides...

Mr Sparrow is moving in on the blackbird...

Promise I won't look...

Then they both gave up at the same time!

Meanwhile, Mr Blackbird decided he must preen and straighten his feathers...

Have to look good for the Mrs...

Hope she appreciates all this pampering...

Now to go and find her.

The Common Wall Lizard - (Podarcis muralis), basking in the few minutes of sun that appeared...

This one was not so sure! There are apparently 14 species of this lizard, which I presume accounts for all the various different markings.

The only insect I saw and just a fly on an Iris!

Last nights sunset.

We will be away for a few days this week exploring Bordeaux in readiness for visitors arriving from the USA in August.  For the most part, all we really know of Bordeaux is the airport !  I am not taking the laptop so will only blog again on our return.

N.B. My new bird blog is updated  HERE 
Part 9 of the birds I saw last year in Africa.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Just around and about - busy in the garden!!

Maximum temperature today 18C, minimum 9C.    Drizzle early; 6 mm of rain since I last posted. 9 km/h North Easterly winds with up to 21 km/h gusts.  

The storm that was forecast was noisy, but only 6 mm of rain so the garden did well out of it.   Seventy potatoes now planted, if the crop is anything like we had last year we should do well.  Spring onions also planted, but the beds are now pretty much ready for the rest to go in, it is all much later than normal because of the early heavy rains this year.  Hope it stays dry for a bit so I can do more planting.

I have been waiting forever to get a photo of the Little Owl (Athene noctua). We hear them around us all the time, but trying to spot one is almost impossible, they keep well hidden and I have never found their nesting spot. Today I was working in the garden when I heard two calling each other from opposite sides of where I was. Then I spotted the one on top of the telephone post way down the road. It must have been a good 200 meters away but I took several shots anyway for the record.

I had to do a lot of trimming and sharpening to get these results, but at last, I can say I have taken a photo of a little owl. 😊

Californian poppies.

Unknown fly of some kind.


New leaves on the Acer tree.


Dog rose with Oxythyrea funesta.


Red Robin flowers with Cetonia cuprea or aurata.

One of the Canadian wood carvings in Chasseneuil.

The pharmacy behind an arch of wisteria in the front.

The main street in Chasseneuil.

Just out the other side of town is this abandoned factory.  We have never discovered what it was, but I hope one day they may restore the building for something else.

N.B. My new bird blog is updated  HERE 
Part 8 of the birds I saw last year in Africa.