More About Photo Diary

Photo Diary is simply just that.  Few words, just pictures of what has happened on a particular day.   

It is mainly for our interest to see what we were up to on a particular day rather than write a long log.  It may be of interest to friends and possibly some of my followers on other blogs.  That is My life in the Charente,  My Life in the Charente2  and My Life Before the Charente.

I will try to up date it daily but.......  There will always be days when I don't get to the computer or I forget to take a photo!!


  1. we are looking at buying the stone cottage with the green doors in the first photo of your first blog, the one to the right in the narrow lane. any thoughts?

    1. Can you be a little more specific? My first entry on this blog was in our garden 22/10/12 named Drizzle in the Garden! No houses of any sort. I suspect that you may be talking about a house in Vitrac that has been for sale, sold, and is back on sale again, but I am not sure. It has a narrow road in front of it and it is right next to the river. I am happy to help if you can give more info.. Diane

  2. Dear Diane,

    When I accidentally came across your Rhodesia photos and your Salisbury blog - I was blown away!
    Christ, did they take me down memory lane! All those windswept Jacaranda trees and petals, those hot dry quiet evenings in the feld, the cicadas chirping in the undergrowth, and fireflies glowing in the distance. The powerful white sunlight, the incredibly bright colours of everything all around, that vast open sky.... it now all seems so long ago, like a Dream that vanished into dust along with all the Ghostly figures, so significant at the time, but long forgotten now. I'd been browsing through some old photos of the Margaret Thatcher years and her Cabinet ministers ... when I noticed Lord Soames - the last Governor of Rhodesia. Memories came flooding back, as I searched for pictures of Admiral Tait School (where I went), Marandellas (where I was put away into Boarding School), all those Jacaranda trees that lined the roads in Salisbury.... when suddenly I came across your photos taken in the 1970's!
    It all came flooding back to me, as I sat here at my desk in the middle of this dark freezing winter night in Ukraine where its snowing wildly outside my window.

    How the face of Africa has changed...
    from white to black, from light to dark,
    and only suffering remains...

    I lost touch with a very dear friend from Salisbury - called Lynn Cooper. Did you by any chance know the Coopers?
    With kind regards,

  3. I missed this comment because we were in Africa when it arrived. I did though answer your email. Hope all is well Diane.

  4. Beautiful butterfly. It seems to have delicate streaming "plumes" next to its body.

    1. Thanks Kenneth they are very pretty butterflies, Thanks for the comment, cheers Diane


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