Saturday, December 5, 2015

05/12/2015 A trip to see the cars at a charity rally starting from the supermarket.

Maximum temperature14C,minimum 2C.  27 km/h S wind.  Very misty early on.
A pair of racing Porsches GT3RS.

Chevrolet Corvette.


Racing Lotus. (No doors they climbed in and out from the top.)

An old fire engine.

Triumph TR2/3 and a Caterham 7

Porsche 996.

Suddenly the mist moved in....

But I was intrigued by the reflection of this white Porsche GT3RS in the side mirror on the opposite side of the car.

The supermarket building about 100 metres in the background!

Driving home the ghostly rising sun through the mist...

which later cleared slightly. Photos taken through the windscreen of our car.

Closer to home the mist has still not quite gone.


  1. What fun cars!!! I, too like the photos of the reflected car in the side mirror!!

    Bovine was very interested!! Great photo!

    1. Doniene, we have always been big porsche fans so they always get pride of place in my photos! I just saw that reflection as I walked past and took a fancy to it :-) The cattle were interested in me with my camera. Hugs Diane

  2. Oh, I could so see myself in the pretty yellow triumph....A silky, black dotted scarf blowing in the wind!

    1. Ha ha I can just see you driving off in the Triumph with the spotted scarf. Have a good day Diane

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