Sunday, December 6, 2015

06/12/2015 Sunsets and feathered friends.

Maximum temperature 16C,minimum 5C. 43 km/h S wind. Dry.
Last nights sunset.

Mr Chaffinch....

as above.....

As above.

Mrs Chaffinch....

As above.

Mr Sparrow.

Mrs Sparrow in hiding!


Tonight's sunset, so different to last night......

and tonight looking over my shoulder.


  1. Pretty Sunsets and as always...I adore your bird photos. I need to catch a sunset, now that the weather is better. We've had a lot of rain lately. Hugs;)

    1. Thanks, I loved tonight's sunset, the clouds were spectacular in real life, the photo does not do it justice. Hugs Diane

  2. Beautiful sunsets and the birds are so cute. I like the tail detail.

    1. Thanks Diane, the birds are great in winter but we see few in summer. They are all greedy in winter! I liked last nights sunset the cloud detail was so different. Take care t'other Diane


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