Tuesday, January 15, 2013

15/01/2012 A trip to Cherves Chatelars

Maximum temperature 4C.


  1. That couple of Fiat (Italian) vehicles, both in one photo coming from France and both with a French car plate, is a real scoop, hahaha! :-)

    Amazing landscape indeed. I think I can understand You, because my situation is somehow parallel. I was born in Rome and in 2005, after 42 years living in Rome, I moved forever towards Solferino (530 Km northwards), famous all over the world becuse of a terrible battle happened in 1859, but just a village with 2,500 inhabitants. I love peace and the green!

    1. Give me the quiet country side any day, I love the peace and quiet. I have never really lived in a big town, and I don't much like visiting them either. I don't like crowds, Hong Kong was interesting but I hated all the crowds everywhere! Diane


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