Tuesday, February 12, 2013

12/02/2013 Birds, Montemboef and scrabble

Maximum temperature 7C. 1 mm rain measured. Misty day.


  1. An "ordinary" winter becomes astonishing through your photos...
    All good wishes from Giovanni

    1. Gio Ve, thanks, winter is not always the easiest time to take photos!! Diane

  2. Nice birds, Diane!
    I can see your weather is not much better than ours! LOL!
    Scrabble is good entertainment, I can see some "girls" here very impressed with the word 'guérie'!! ;-)!
    Quite some fun!
    Cheers and keep well!

    1. Noushka I am really fed up with this weather now. The garden is just a quagmire and my pommes de terre need planting..... As the ground is they will just rot!

      I was very impressed with myself, I actually got 3 scrabblers yesterday which is unheard of for me. I actually won a game!! I am back to French lessons again on Fridays so hope my French may eventually improve! Cheers and take care Diane xx


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