Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rain and Scrabble.

Maximum temperature 7C but if felt considerably colder.  5 mm measured this morning but it has been raining most of the day.  Storms were forecast but there was no sign of them here thankfully.


  1. Hello Diane, I have no idea how cold it is here, I just know it IS COLD very cold. Ah so this is your French Scrabble .. all looks very serious :-) .. keep warm .. I would love to go somewhere warm .. xoxo

    1. Anne it was even cold in the hall this afternoon despite the heating being on. If I had the money I would be somewhere South of the equator right now!! Nothing very serious about our game. The two opposite Nigel are such nice people and are more that happy to help us out when we get flummoxed! Also great hot drinks and cake or biscuits for tea :-) Keep warm Diane oxxo


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