Monday, March 11, 2013

11/03/2013 A miserable grey and wet day

Maximum temperature 13C.  4mm of rain measured this morning but it has been raining on and off most of the day.


  1. Not my type of day, really!
    But nice photos reflecting the feeling!
    Not as wet here, fortunately!
    Cheers Diane!

  2. Noushka thanks for the comment, it is horrible here. 9mm of rain last night and it is still dark and grey and only 3 degrees C at present. Roll on to May and the weather may improve! Take care Diane

  3. I would guess the LeClerc building is a click and collect like Auchan Drive in Cognac. The weather no better in the UK!

    1. LeClerc is a massive supermarket and we always just go in and wheel our trolley around. I have no idea if you can buy on line we have never tried.

      I see you live in Abingdon, my husband worked there before he retired and we lived in Wantage. Thanks for looking at my blog and for commenting. Have a good week Diane


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