Saturday, March 23, 2013

23/03/2013 Around the garden

Maximum temperature 15C with no wind so it was a reasonable day.  Thunder and lightning this evening but only a little rain.  2mm measured this morning.


  1. I saw the exact same bird ( your first photo) on my feeder this afternoon. I was trying to identify it, as far as I could guess it was a finch of sorts. Very cool.

    Happy Spring!


    1. Hi Velva, no this is not a finch but one of the tit family. I am no expert, but the tits to me have a slightly finer beak than the finches which is a bit more chunky. If you look at the third photo down with the the goldfinch and its head on one side, you we will see its beak is a bit chunkier. I have struggled to take photos of the great tits they flit around so much so I was happy with this shot. Take care and have a good weekend Diane


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