Tuesday, April 23, 2013

23/04/2013 A walk around Mazerolles with the Leisure Club

Maximum temperature 17C, Light wind.


  1. Great walk!
    It is obvious by your enthusiasm and your lovely pics that you have enjoyed every minute of it!
    Beautiful photos of the flowers and the Aurora butterfly!
    Cheers Diane!

    1. Noushka it was an interesting walk, and we came across the motte feodale completely by accident, it seemed nobody knew it was there. I only had my Samsung camera so I may not have dome justice to some of the photos but it does not do too bad a job. Take care Diane.

  2. Harmony of colours and perfection of photos :-)
    It is always a greatest pleasure, looking at Your snapshots.
    Best wishes!

    1. Thanks for your very kind comments, I took too many photos yesterday and it was hard to decide which to put on the diary! Have a good day. Diane

    2. Through the gathering in Your website, You truly make us discover the goodness and the magic in this cruel world. It is not an axaggeration.
      Take care!

    3. Giovanni, I always take care where I think necessary, but after living in Africa I am very much more relaxed here :-) Thanks for the thought Diane


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