Saturday, May 4, 2013

04/05/2013 A busy day around the house and in the garden. We had oysters for lunch and I forgot the camera, then deleted photos of tonight's dinner!!

Maximum 17C and quite a pleasant day in the garden.

Chicken Tandori for dinner tonight but somehow I deleted all 4 photos! :-((


  1. Absolutely stunning photography. At first glance I thought that your first image was a macro shot of the head of a lizard!!! It's beautiful!

  2. Thanks Richard, the lizard pictures were two days ago LOL. Hope all is well Diane

  3. I have had oysters before ... My first taste was about 3 years ago :-)

    Yes I agree , stunning photos :-) xx

    1. Thanks Anne, you can try them again when you come to see us :-) oxo


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