Wednesday, June 26, 2013

26/06/2013 Missed yesterday as we were in the Lot Valley with the Leisure Club. Catch up photos from then today.

Maximum temperature 20C, dry but a cool wind today.
We caught the bus at the local village at 05h00, took a cruise on the river and arrived home at 22h00.  Long day!

Eventually I will do a full post on the trip at My Life in the Charente.


  1. Hi Diane , what a super trip and so lucky that you could do it :-) .. I stayed in the Lot valley area for a week , it was lovely .. Just looked again , same area as me .. I went to Lapopie and Cahors ,, that is where my train took me from Paris :-)

    Long day , yes, but I think it was well worth it :-)xxo

    1. Anne we were lucky to go with the club as everything with them is much cheaper. It was a lovely day tho' very long. It is such a beautiful hilly area. Around here we are very flat by comparison, thank goodness for cycling! We do though have some lovely places to visit none the less. Keep well Diane oxox


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