Friday, June 28, 2013

28/06/2013 A dismal day outside but here are is the result of yesterday' hard work. Quiz night later, we won the last one we went to!!

Maximum temperature 18C grey skies and a very light drizzle on and off.


  1. Oh my word , your garden is HUGE!! No wonder it takes so much looking after and you also have a great place for photos :-) Take care xoxo

    1. Anne it is certainly quite big enough tough I would love to extend the vegetable garden though!! Problem is the drainage from the septic tank is in the way one way, and there is too much shade the other!! Have a great weekend and take care Diane xxoxx

  2. Hello Diane,
    I am very impressed with your great garden!
    It looks fantastic! I can only imagine all the hard you've put into it!
    Hope the weather will be shiny, I will just below Bordeaux on monday!
    Cheers, enjoy your WE!

    1. Thanks Noushaka, it is hard work keeping it looking good and the time away has made it even more difficult. Never the less we seem to be back on track, if only the sun would shine it would make such a difference! Enjoy your week Diane


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