Wednesday, July 10, 2013

10/07/2013 Went into town this afternoon and forgot the camera so more photos around the house and garden.

Temperature here today 31C but feels like 34C so the forecast tells us!


  1. Great photos and a lovely smiling face in the last one :)

    1. Thanks Denise, if only you know how rare that photo is with a smile. Take care Diane

  2. Hi Diane!
    Just read your message about the spider!
    Is it this one?
    If yes, I will look into it tomorrow, can't reply now, time is very short since I returned from my trip to Spain 48h ago and have much to do!!
    Enjoy your sunday!

    1. Noushka I was actually asking for the spider in the post before this one, but since then I would like to know this one as well!! No rush, when ever you have time. Thanks for answering. Take care Diane


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