Monday, July 15, 2013

15/07/13 The celebrations carried on until the early hours of this morning. Nigel back painting windows.

Maximum temperature 28C but feels like 30C so the forecast says.


  1. Super celebrations :-) they do know how to party in FRance :-) ,, very very hot here, more like 33 degrees , just sat inside in the cool . take care Anne xoxo ,, will email about September ,, xox

    1. Thanks Anne, yes they do celebrate well :-) We luckily love the heat, the house though is pretty cool other than the offices upstairs. Thick stone walls! Look forward to the email, I don't suppose A will join you will he? It would be good for you both to get away. Take care Diane xxoxx

  2. WOW! That is quite a 14th of July here!
    Thanks for for these gorgeous fireworks... quite explosive!
    Sorry Diane, I do not have the time now to find your spider's ID
    if you could mail me the photo, it would help...
    Keep well, cheers!

    1. Noushka the show at our local village I think was better than the one the night before in town! There is absolutely no rush, I will send the two photos probably tomorrow. Cheers Diane


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