Tuesday, July 23, 2013

23/07/13 Very hot again but we have been busy, N painting and me cutting the edges on the lawn which we cut yesterday when it was cooler.

Maximum temperature 34C again but feels hotter, Thunder and rain around last night but we did not get any, the garden is very dry.


  1. The texture of the railings makes me think about the grades of a sergeant, but the bird seems a perfect infantryman :-)
    All the best to You and Your husband, dear Diane.

    1. Gio Ve thanks for the comment, good to hear from you again. I am sorry that I do not leave comments on your posts but Google+ has made it impossible for me on your blog. There are about 4 blogs that I cannot leave comment any more, but all the rest on G+ seem to be OK though not as easy as it used to be! Hope that you both are well, take care Diane


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