Sunday, September 1, 2013

01/09/2013 Local Bric-a-brac (car boot) sale. Busy in the kitchen this afternoon making and freezing tomato/plum soup.

Maximum temperature 24C (Seems like autumn is approaching!)


  1. Hi Diane,

    Just reading this, and then I saw (in photo 2) my 'treasures' that I bought on Sunday! To the right of the picture, behind the bicycle are two metal 'scroley' panels and I managed to get them for 10 euros. I have been looking for something similar for the top of our wall in the garden all summer - 'one man's trash..........' :) x

    1. Jacky that is quite funny that I should have taken a photo of them before you bought them. Sounds like you had a good buy there as well. Keep well Diane


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