Saturday, September 21, 2013

21/09/2013 Rallye International Charente. Lunch break at La Rochefoucauld Château.

Maximum temperature 23C.  It certainly feels warmer in the sun today!


  1. Fantastic ,, looks likes a super day out :-) xxo

    1. It was Anne, wish you could have been with us. It is the racing tomorrow in Angouleme but the tickets are quite expensive! There is also a cycle race that passes just down the road so think we will go there instead. There were a massive number of cars, probably a couple of hundred or more. I took too many photos but have just picked some of the best. Have a good Sunday Diane

    2. I know Diane, such a shame I was not with you too. Is that the racing you blogged about and that led up to finding out you lived in Grove (well you did half and half) ,, would also be good to see the cycle race too. I am busy with the Ceramic shop at the mo, as my friend needs sometime off. Have good week xx

    3. Yes Anne the very race that caused us to meet up, it is annual. Sorry about the photos for the cycle race, my own stupidity that I wiped them all off! Hope your weather is better, ours is more like summer once more temporarily. Take care Diane xxoxx

    4. :-) great that we did meet up and in Grove :-) Oh that is such a shame about cycle race,, I have done it before , lost photos ,, well it was better yesterday but back to drizzle , it is not cold though which is a good thing ,, take care Anne xo

    5. Yes Anne I am also glad that we met up. I was very angry with myself about the cycle race but little I could do. xx


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