Friday, October 11, 2013

11/10/2013 A quick walk out in the garden between showers and French lessons this afternoon.

Maximum temperature 13C but feels like 11C.  Rain on and off not measured as yet.


  1. Hi Diane!
    Sorry for not being as present as I'd wish on the blogs, but we've a a few miseries!
    I went through your latest posts, you've got very beautiful photos!
    I bet you have cooking by the rainy weather, isn't it one of your hobbies?!!!
    Here blue skies fortunately, but cold nights!
    XXXXX, take care!

    1. Sorry things are not going so well for you, maybe soon you will sell and you will be able to move :-) Not sure about a hobby, I get fed up with too much kitchen, but this time of the year it is sad to waste everything and we do appreciate it all come winter. Grey skies here again today and no life as such in the garden! Keep well, have a good trip to Spain. Diane


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