Tuesday, January 7, 2014

07/01/2014 A walk to the neighbour and scrabble this afternoon.

Maximum temperature 15C and blue skies.


  1. I love scribble. Beautiful blue sky. X

    1. The weather look good again today. Scrabble in French I can assure you is a whole different game to playing in English. Did you you know that one simple French verb can possibly have 37 different endings? Not easy when you speak as little French as I do! Keep well Diane

  2. OHO!
    Plumbing problems?!!
    I hope it is not too serious!
    We are expecting 18°C today in St Gaudens....
    What a strange winter!!
    Enjoy the temperatures, they shouldn't last!
    Cheers Diane!

    1. This was a small job the work on the fosse starts on Monday (I hope) and I expect the garden to look like WWII at the end of it. It was supposed to be seen to while we were away but......... Very odd weather, Take care Diane


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