Thursday, January 16, 2014

16/01/2014 The official viewing of the fosse followed by a trip to the shops.

Maximum temperature 11C. 3 mm of rain measured this morning but we have had rain and hail this afternoon.


  1. Never commented before but I have say thank your so much for your photo diary : I wish I was living my dream in my holiday home not far away it keeps me in touch with the area and I just love to see your shopping trips to Le Clerc in La Rochfoucauld and Lidl in Chasseneiul I know them well. Also your local area trips which inspire me to go to places wer have not visted. I look everyday and one day I may retire to my beautiful French home not far away.

    1. Anne thanks so much for your visits and your very kind comment, There are so many places close by to see, and even when you think you have seen them all, another one appears. My Life in the Charente, which you may well have read, gives many local places though at present I am blogging on visits away from the Charente. Maybe one day we will meet up, meanwhile I am glad to try and keep the area alive for you when I can. We have bloggers from the UK who are house hunting here coming to lunch on Sunday. Have a good weekend Diane

    2. Thank you so much for your reply - I really look forward to your posts on here and on 'My Life in the Charente' I admire your courage and learning the French language (which I am resuming avidly.) Thank you again for replying - I do hope one day we can meet up. Hope you have a good weekend too and it does not rain as much as is it here at the moment. Ann

  2. Replies
    1. I am having a lot of trouble with blogger at present including posts. If I do not visit sorry but there seems to be a lot to sort out. Diane


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