Saturday, January 18, 2014

18/01/2014 Bath time.

Maximum temperature 12C. Dry until a small shower this evening.

Still having problems with Google Blog but photos appear to have loaded!

All photos taken through double gaze window,.


  1. WoW!!!! Beautful photso you have make!

  2. HAHAHA!!
    You seem to have fun indeed with your garden birds!
    Giving them an opportunity to bathe is the way to go!
    I am jealous of your Blackbird female, this is one species I can't get to my feeder they are soooo wild!
    I have to say we are far from the village here and birds are quite wild.
    I got a Sparrowhawk too (a male), can't wait to see yours!! :)

    1. Noushka they are so funny in the two flower pot bases, sometime they wait patiently and other times 10 try to get in all at once! The sparrow hawk was a few days ago see Have a good Sunday Diane


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