Saturday, July 5, 2014

05/07/2014 Busy day in the garden trying to catch up after the three weeks away.

Maximum temperature 22C. Rain expected over the next few days.

I will try to add a few days from the holiday to each day on the diary just for the record and for you to see.

12 June 2014 Burgos Spain


  1. Great photos! We will be heading to Spain in a couple of weeks.

    Happy summer.


    1. Thanks Velva, have a great holiday but watch out for pickpockets in the big towns, Barcelona is particularly bad. We used clothes with zip pockets and carried nothing valuable and all was OK. You also have a happy summer. Diane

  2. Welcome back look forward to catching up with your travels. xx

    1. Thanks Karen, so many photos........ Take care Diane xx


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