Sunday, July 13, 2014

13/07/2014 Raining so a few indoor shots. Holiday in Tavira 20/06/14

Maximum temperature 18C. 2 mm of rain measured this morning but it has been raining on and off all day.

Photos from holiday,  Tavira, Portugal 20/06/14. See previous posts.

Note I will be posting photos from a Scavenger Hunt List when I have finished the holiday photos. If you care to join in, see the information at the bottom right of this blog, I already have a few photos but I do not want to mix them.


  1. Hi Diane!
    Don't worry about not having time, same here!!!
    It guess in summer we are all taken by many more activities than in winter!
    I just hope you're having a great time and looks like it from all the the pics you've posted!
    Keep well, hugs!

    1. Noushka we just seem to have got far behind with a three week holiday, one day I will catch up! Keep well, Diane xx

  2. Welcome the the Pholtography Scavenger Hunt! I just added your blog to my feedly. You are an amazing photographer! Looking forward to seeing what you find.

    1. Maria thanks for the very kind comments. I am quite sure there are going to be some items I will not get here but I will do my best :-) Have a good day Diane


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