Monday, July 21, 2014

21/07/2014 A few shots in the garden, some in La Rochefoucauld. Continuation of the holiday in Portugal, a visit to Lagos in the morning 25/06/2014

Maximum temperature 22C. 1 mm of rain overnight.

Photos from our holiday, a trip to Lagos in Portugal 24/06/14. See previous posts.


  1. All fabulous photos , the flowers and insects , and I love the tiled building.. Aren't their Fish Markets so interesting , I love fish, your are doing so well with your blogging , xox Take care Anne

    1. Thanks Anne, the fish markets are amazing and if you don't get there early you loose out! Blogging on the photodiary is doing OK though sometimes I struggle, but Life in the Charente is getting left behind as is Life before Charente, maybe in winter!!! Take it easy Diane xox


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