Friday, July 25, 2014

25/07/2014 A trip to La Rochefoucauld and lunch at St Sornin. Holiday mostly on the road to Porto 30/06/2014

Maximum temperature 15C.  Black skies and thunder around but still waiting for the rain as I type this.  (Just had some rain will measure in the morning)

Holiday - Leaving Burgau and off to Porto, Portugal 30/06/2014 see previous posts.


  1. I do hope you enjoy your time in Porto, it's been my fav Portuguese city since I went there as a kid 30 years ago with my parents!

    1. Hi Raymond, thanks for the visit and the comment. We did love Porto, just wish we had of had a bit longer than 2 days there, never the less we saw as much as we could. Have a good weekend Diane


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