Saturday, August 9, 2014

09/08/2014 A few photos in the garden. We were both invited to dinner at the Chateau L'Age Baston where Nigel was taking his cookery course.

Maximum temperature 24C. 3 mm of rain.


  1. I've never found this blog before, Diane - just your other two! This is splendid stuff!

    Hoping your weekend is going well. Best wishes - - -Richard

    1. Hi Richard, I thought you had been here before but obviously not. This is mainly insects and birds as when I am at home all day that is just about all I have to take photos of! Keep well Diane

  2. Such fabulous photos and wow what a wonderful place to go for a cookery lesson .. Well done to Nigel , I think he will be in the kitchen more now :-) take care xoxo Anne

    1. Hi Anne, Nigel is cooking tonight so I have a day of relaxation :-) Have to go up the road to feed the cats as their owners are off on holiday but other than that.... Have a good day. Diane xox

  3. Hi Diane!
    Sorry I've not been visiting you much either, but we too are so busy this summer!
    I have gone through your previous posts, some great pictures here!
    I believe easily photos of your trip to Spain & Portugal will require much time to prepare and post...!!
    Good luck!
    It's great Nigel is taking a cookery course!
    Wish My hubby could do the same! LOL!
    Take care and enjoy what's left of august!

    1. Hi Noushka, where do the days go to???? Thanks for taking the time out to comment. Yes I am delighted that Nigel has done this course, and he is enthusiastic it seems which is the main thing. Take care and look after yourself. Diane


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