Saturday, August 23, 2014

23/08/2014 Weather rubbish today. Photos taken from the back door as the grass was so wet!

Maximum 19C.  Rain woke us up this morning them more later but not measured as yet.


  1. You must have some gorgeous flowers near your door, lovely photos! It's raining here in Northern Virginia also :)

    1. Denise I cheated a bit with the zoom lens but they are all visible from the door. We have had the coldest August I ever remember here and I am sure when we see records, it is a long time since August has been this cold. July was the wettest it has been here for donkeys years, the weather is very odd! Have a good day Diane

  2. My-my!
    You have been busy all summer and.... publishing photos on this blog too!
    Sorry not have commented more often but I was away taking many fauna pics in the Pyrenees and I'm not finished sorting them out since I came back and the weather being sunny at long last although it is still quite cold, I spend my time outside!
    I hope you are well, and had less rain than we did.
    Do they still say the climate is warming?????
    Your flowers are superb, your garden must look ravishing now!
    I loved your sparrows bathing, such a lively post!
    Many thanks for your comments, I have received 3...!
    I have had the same problem with other blogs, I wonder what's going on...
    Love Diane and enjoy your evening!

    1. Thanks Noushka for the long comment. Global warming, I have to say this August has me wondering!!! Sometime it is difficult to get daily photos and then as the one I am going to load now I am spoilt for choice!! Hope that all is well with you looking forward to your fauna photos from the Pyrenees. It takes so long sorting photos, I have still not finished Spain and Portugal in June!!! Take care and enjoy the week Diane


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