Friday, February 13, 2015

13/02/2015 Shopping in the morning and a few photos of birds before the rain arrived.

Maximum temperature 12C, minimum 4C. Blue skies in the morning rain in the afternoon, not measured yet.


  1. Love your photo of the mistletoe through the trees hanging on the bare branches! To me it represents a typical drive through the countryside in winter...
    Won't be long before you feel the beginning of spring, here still very much summer, warm & humid, going to a place called Noosa on tuesday for a few days ( in Queensland ), which is even warmer.Actually, I love the heat, and would certainly have trouble settling back in France again, but can remember the joy of the beginning of spring there ( & Also England ), in Sydney it is not anywhere as pronounced....Keep warm!

    1. Thanks Isabella, wish we could join you. We spent a week in time share at Tamborine Mountain, then a week at a place which I cannot remember the name of, inland from Brisbane. We then spent a couple of days in Brisbane before travelling by train to Cairns. I always said that the area around there was the best weather for us.. We both love the heat and hate the cold!! Have a great time,I am jealous. Diane


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