Tuesday, February 17, 2015

17/02/2015 Scrabble at Cherves Chatelars, a few photos en route and some birds in the garden

Maximum temperature 7C, minimum 5C. Dry but very grey.


  1. French scrabble - I'm most impressed! Even with leaden skies, the village looks lovely.

    1. Hi Craig, we play scrabble every Tuesday, I am allowed to use my dictionary so it helps, but the verbs with 37 different endings completely does my head in. We play with a French lady who is excellent and it is very rare that we can ever beat her. The fourth person is who ever wants to join us, sometimes they are good and sometimes not.

      Cherve is a lovely little village and used to have a great little pub and restaurant. Sadly it is no more as both husband and wife who ran it committed suicide within a month of each other!!!!!!! It is very pretty there in the bottom of a valley with a great fishing lake and picnic spot. Bonne journée, Diane


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