Thursday, February 19, 2015

19/02/2015 Bye bye pampas, well cut back anyway. Interesting Chaffinch photos.

Maximum temperature 10C, minimum -1C and a light frost. Dry and blue skies later.


  1. That's a bit worrying if the foot fungus (or whatever it is appears to be spreading). I found out the painful way that I'm allergic to pampas grasses when in bloom! Your garden looks lovely for the time of year. It's quite unusual to have a greenhouse in the Charente isn't it? I don't recall seeing one when we lived there. Did you import it?

    1. Craig we keep the pampas as it is good cover (when up) from our neighbours. I hate dealing with it though and it is too close to other shrubs to burn. We had a high fir hedge on two sides but it was dying, so last year we removed it and planted laurel. That particular patch, about 40 plants all died! Anyway replanted and asked the neighbours not to spray anything (they say they did not!) and now waiting for it to grow. We will then have 3 sides laurel and the front is wall. Yes we brought the greenhouse from the UK and had fun and games putting it together!! The only other one we know of is also imported. We have no heater, but it helps. As for the birds, yes it is worrying but as they are all wild impossible to treat. Diane


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