Thursday, March 12, 2015

12/03/2015 Touring Poitiers. Two photos Eglise Sainte-Radegonde, view of Notre-Dame-la- Grande Church and panorama of the town.

Maximum temperature 18C, minimum 1C. Dry.


  1. I always rather liked Poitiers. To me it seems just about the right size for a large town or small city. We knew some people in Sommieries du Clan, just south of Poitiers. Lovely area, as your photos show beautifully. Lucky with the weather too.

    1. Craig I am glad it was not any bigger,we still walked too far!! Some amazing churches there. We are not that religious, but the history and architecture is amazing in these old buildings. Yes the weather was amazing. We just packed the car and left to return this morning when the rain came down, Stopped to see Kerry and Roger at to see how their renovations were coming along, and the rain stopped again for a quick look round then on to lunch. Diane


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