Sunday, March 15, 2015

15/03/2015 A few photos from the garden. Tired after last nights repas! French meals are always slow!

Maximum 13C, minimum -2C. Dry.


  1. What is the repas Diane? Is it a community event you attend on a regular basis?

    1. I thought with you having lived in France that you were the one person who would have known about a Repas, but here goes:- The scrabble club we belong to have a number of repas (luncheons) during the year at the different villages where we play scrabble. If a member as we are, it is generally about 10€ per head with wine all in. These club ones have caterers so the community just get together and eat too much (at least 5 courses) and sometimes drink too much as well! Our local village has a repas every year, usually around April, that is free for the over 60's and it is run by the local mayor and the catering costs comes out of the local funds. Then there is the hunt repas which is a bit more expensive for us as we are not members, and that costs us 20€ each. The one this weekend which was a dinner rather than the usual luncheon, was an extra one because they have to have so many events a year to hold their pub licence. To keep costs down some of the local women took to the kitchen and cooked the whole meal, there were about 150 locals there. We had five courses plus wine for 10€ each. Afterwards one of the women came and asked us if we would like to buy some of the casserole as they had quite a bit leftover. It was very good so we said we would take 2 containers at 2€ each, we had some last night and still have.enough for another meal! So yes it is a community event and pretty much any excuse to have one is popular:-)

      The scrabble club also have a couple of trips away each year. Generally one day trips leaving by coach very early and getting home very late. Each time to a different place. Also fairly cheap with meals for the day all in.
      Hope this explains it a little better.

      Have a good week Diane

    2. God knows how me missed our local ones... it's a good way to integrate.

    3. It is a mystery to me as they are a popular gathering here and regular.!

  2. "French meals are always slow"... I can't agree more!!
    So boring!!
    Lovely spring photos, Diane, although the weather is again a bit drab!!
    Keep well, enjoy your afternoon :)

    1. We don't really get bored Noushka as it is a challenge for us to keep up a conversation, We just get hungry waiting and if it is a late meal I am ready to fall asleep in my soup :-) Grey and wet here again! Keep well Diane x


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