Thursday, March 19, 2015

19/03/2015 A trip to Angouleme. Nigel needed an injection in his knee, one down two to go. It was very misty so photos look very murky! I planted some potatoes later.

Maximum temperature 17C, minimum 5C. Dry


  1. That brought back many happy memories Diane! We often went to Angouleme for a few hours and when I needed to travel on the TGV, Angouleme was of course our local TGV station after the very smart TER connection from Cognac. We often enjoyed lunch at Le Chat Noir brasserie located next to the indoor market. Lovely memories and thanks for reminding me!

    1. Glad I brought back some good memories for you Craig. Le Chat Noir is not bad but we have fallen in love with Chez Doud which is down the bottom by the river. Booking essential. The first time we went was on a Tuesday lunch time. Thankfully we had booked for 12h00, By12h30 the restaurant was full and people were standing eating at the bar! Packed was an understatement. The owner is delightful and when we asked for the menu he said "I am the menu! " I think this was the only English sentence he knew :-) Excellent choice of food and very yummy. Hav a good day Diane


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