Wednesday, March 18, 2015

18/03/2015 The sun came out and so did the weeds, flowers, bugs and a lizard.

Maximum temperature 18C, minimum 4C, dry but rain forecast.


  1. That sunset is a masterpiece Diane!

    1. Thanks Craig, the wind swept clouds just caught the colour so beautifully and sort of framed the picture. We do get some great sunset here I have to say. Keep well Diane

  2. Oh my, that sky is fabulous!
    Yes, creepy crawlies have emerged from everywhere!!!
    Lizards are chasing each other and insects are quite busy!
    You have already lovely flowers blooming, your garden must look stunning by now!
    Thanks again for the PP, I melt into meditation when see pics from Africa!!!

    1. Noushka we are lucky we get some great sunsets here, and on the odd occasion I wake early enough sunrises! It is lovely to see the insects back and the lizards. Long way to go in the garden and lots of weeding to do!! I think once Africa is in your blood it stays there forever, despite the problems in the country. Keep well Diane


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