Saturday, March 21, 2015

21/03/2015 Managed to get the grass cut today before it started raining once more. Spring cleaning again and making Le Fromager Charentais.

Maximum temperature 16C, minimum 3C.  5mm of rain measured this morning.  Dry am but light rain pm.

Recipe see here.  I cooked mine for about 55 minutes!


  1. You look quite the business on the ride on mower Diane! I too cut our lawns for the first time this week. The Fromagerie Charentais looks wonderful, I may try it.

    1. Thanks Craig, pity I was not told my glasses were crooked! It was so windy that if I do not wear cycle glasses my eyes just run!

      This is a wonderful dish. The first recipe we had said to use goat's cheese which I have to admit I loved but N hated. This recipe says under no circumstances should goat's cheese be used!!!! I like them both. Have a good day Diane


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