Thursday, April 2, 2015

02/04/2015 Another trip to Angouleme for the final knee injection. Same route similar photos, mostly taken from the car while on the move!

Maximum temperature 15C, minimum 1C. Dry but cloudy.


  1. Yippee, the final injection! That speed camera sign brought back bad memories as we both received a penalty on the RN141 just north of Angouleme. It's a road where the speed limit varies a lot depending upon the width of the road. No excuses, we were around 8km over the limit each time but I think it's a real money maker for the region! Neither of us have ever had a speed fine anywhere else before or since.

    1. Craig, this is the second course of injections and I hope this time it works for longer! I was stopped for speeding three times in my life, twice in RSA and once in Rhodesia, I must have the gift of the gab as I talked my way out of all of them :-) Hopefully I never get caught again, my French is not good enough! Take care Diane


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