Thursday, April 23, 2015

23/04/2015 Off to help friends move a heavy hot tub so we will be late home. Last nights dinner to tide the diary over!

Maximum temperature 20C minimum 8C. 22 km/h W wind. Some rain already today will measure tomorrow morning.

Note, both were on special so we had a cheap meal and there is plenty of merlu left over for another night. As it was too big to go into the pan, all extras ( head, tail, fins and prawn heads) went to make a fabulous stock.


  1. Yum. I love a pawn cocktail... so retro but so good. Do you make your own sauce? We have a very good and easy recipe for Thousand Island dressing which works well in this dish. I can email it to you if interested.

    1. Craig we also love prawn cocktail, so what if it is a bit old fashioned!! I just throw together mayonnaise, tomato sauce,cider vinegar and tabasco, no idea of what quantities I use, but yes please let me have your recipe. The merlu was amazing and I made a fish bobatie dish with the left overs using my own stock instead of milk, it was amazing and we still have some for tomorrow! Hope all is well and the weather is behaving. Diane


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