Wednesday, May 13, 2015

13/05/2015 Around the garden. Cut the lawn today, weeded and caught up with all the washing!

Maximum temperature 26C, minimum 11C.  40 km/hr W wind.  Dry.


  1. What a wonderful ' welcome home' sign from your garden!

  2. Gaynor the flowers were amazing especially the peonies and the perfume...... Pity the weeds had grown as well as the flowers though, lots of work to do there! Hope all is well Diane

  3. The weeds are terrible at the moment! You'll need a holiday after all the work! I especially like the dark yellow iris and the peonies are spectacular!

    1. Craig we were thinking about the holiday to get over the weeding saga, but then it just means we have the same problem all over again! I particularly like that dark yellow iris, it came in a cheap mixed batch that I bought from Leclerc. I brought more peonies back from Amsterdam in red white and blue, the colours of the flag were not intentional!!! Take care Diane

    2. We tend not to take holidays in growing season for that very reason, I can't face the mountain of work if you leave the garden for even a week. For two weeks or more and I can't imagine the work load! So it's usually autumn through spring for our breaks away.

    3. Craig our ideal holiday would be in the European winter and to fly South. Big problem though as Nigel cannot fly cheap flights as he has to be able to sit straight legged, his feet are a major problem with flying! First class is just way beyond our pension!!! D.


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