Saturday, May 16, 2015

16/05/2015 Round the garden yet again!

Maximum temperature 20C, minimum 6C.  26 km.h NW wind.


  1. Cherries, already! You've accelerated way in front of us in the past few weeks. It's very cold here still (10C while I was out cutting grass just now) which even for here is very cold. I do miss our two cherry trees in our Cognac garden. They cost an arm and a leg to buy here. Your peonies are beautiful... I do see buds on ours!

    1. I have eaten a couple but they need a few more days. The one tree is always very early. I told you a lie the other day - The peonies we bought were yellow, blue and white, I discovered this when I planted them this morning. Hope they grow OK, doubt if there will be blooms though this year. Diane


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