Saturday, June 20, 2015

20/06/2015 Cycle ride this morning.

Biscarrosse - Maximum temperature 25C, minimum 15C.  15km/h NNW wind.  Dry.
Lots of money floating around here!

The beach.
Wish I could transfer photos from my Nikon to the nexus but I can't. Therefore limited edition today.  Also slow connection!


  1. Its always the way when trying to blog on the go. Slow connection. The weather looks perfect. Nice rich looking shots.

    1. Thanks Diane, slow connection and the best photos are on the Nikon, I need to get another cable! Great weather though lots of people over the weekend. Hope it will be quieter tomorrow. I am not a fan of crowds! T'other Diane

  2. I had to look on the map to see where you actually are. Not too far a drive for you. Weather looks superb!

    1. No Craig not too far and the weather is perfect. Too many people about today, Sunday, but it should be back to normal tomorrow when everyone is back at work! Diane


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